Keping Wang


Programmer and Machine Learning Enthusiast
photo of Keping Wang


2017 summer: incoming Software Engineer Intership at Amazon.


  • Languages: Expert in Java, familiar with Python, Javascript, and C++.
  • Database: I've used PostgreSQL and MongoDB, both with console scripts and driver libraries.
  • Back-end: Node.js and Python. Mostly Node.js.
  • Front-end: Bootstrap and jQuery for general websites. D3.js and dc.js for data intensive front-end.
  • Data Analytics: Familiar with statistical softwares: Stata, R and Matlab. Experienced with Python numpy and pandas. I've used Scala Spark to write large scale app and deploy on AWS. Some knowledge of statistics and machine learning.
  • Others: I've worked on Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu. Current favorite desktop environment is OS X. I use emacs for working in shell, eclipse for Java, and VS Code for web development.


2016 - 2018: Duke University.
  • Master of Science in Economics and Computation, GPA 3.78/4.00.
2012 - 2016: Peking University.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics, GPA 3.64/4.00, Math GPA 3.91.
2015: Harvard University.
  • Visiting Undergraduate Student, GPA 3.90/4.00.


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